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Homebuildt curved screen

The homemade curved screen I made consists of x number of 'rails' as shown above. These are milled out of 12 mm MDF. The 'rails' are made inspired by the children's Brio wooden train rails.
The rails are approx. 61 cm long and with an arch adapted to the diameter of the screen.

My screen has a diameter of 416 cm and then extends around outside the cockpit with approx. 210 degrees.

The 'canvas' itself consists of 3 mm white primed MDF boards which can be bought in the size 244x122 cm. These adapt to the current ceiling height and are threaded into the narrow 3-4 mm wide groove that runs the entire length of the rail.
Two rails assembled at the bottom and two at the top, with the 122 cm MDF board inserted, provide a free-standing screen element from floor to ceiling which can then be assembled into a desired screen arc.
The square cutout on each rail (48x48 mm) allows you to have a stand adapted to the ceiling height that fits into the square in the rail above and below, giving each section the necessary stability.

N.b. Ensure the best possible fit so that the holes are closely matched to the square studs.This will make assembly much easier.It's all illustrated in the picture below.